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The Foundation Clinic Team

Het multidisciplinaire team van The Foundation Clinic is nauwkeurig samengesteld om cliënten te ondersteunen bij hun herstelproces. Het programma van elke cliënt is ontworpen om zo persoonlijk mogelijk te zijn, waarbij groepssessies worden ondersteund door één-op-één therapie, counseling en/of coaching die is gericht op de specifieke situatie en behoeften van elke persoon.

Het therapeutische en medische team komt vijf keer per week samen voor casemanagement om ervoor te zorgen dat cliënten allemaal de beste en meest effectieve behandeling en zorg krijgen. Hier worden aanbevelingen gedaan voor voortdurende ondersteuning in het programma, evenals in de ruimte na de behandeling.

Alle behandelplannen worden ontwikkeld rond de individuele behoeften, wensen, waarden en voorkeuren van de cliënt. Het team wordt regelmatig onderzocht en alle therapeutische teamleden staan ​​onder toezicht via hun verschillende professionele organen.

Voortdurende professionele en persoonlijke ontwikkeling wordt aangemoedigd onder alle teamleden, en het team werkt als een eenheid samen om ervoor te zorgen dat onze cliënten de beste behandeling, ondersteuning en medelevende zorg krijgen die we kunnen bieden.

Therapeuten, counselors, behandelaars en coaches zijn allemaal beschikbaar om met instemming van de cliënt verbinding te maken met de familie- en ondersteuningssystemen voor updates van de behandeling en om eventuele vragen te beantwoorden.

In onze kliniek werken wij samen met een uitgebreid netwerk van artsen, psychiaters en klinisch psychologen. Ons team kan u ondersteunen wanneer u aanvullende medische of therapeutische behandelingen nodig heeft.

Multidisciplinary, Professional, Compassionate Team


Dr Andrea Nolte

Dr Nolte has a medical degree (MBChB) from the University of the Witwatersrand, and has been practising since 1987. She has extensive experience working in the field of substance use disorder detox, and her wealth of knowledge ensures that all patients are cared for in the most effective way. She is registered with the Health Professionals' Council of South Africa (HPCSA) where she is in good standing. She is extremely mindful of patient care and the discomfort of detox, and ensures that clients are well cared for.

Medical Practitioner


Dr Ajay Makan


Dr Ajay Makan offers a unique and rare combination of skills. He holds the Associate Certified Coaching Programme (ACC) for the University of Cape Town (UCT), Graduate School of Business – Centre for Coaching. 

He is a University of Cape Town (UCT) Masters in Business Administration (MBA) graduate with specialization in Strategy & Finance. Prior, he obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBCh) form the University of Witwatersrand. With solid practical exposure to neurology he is also a Fellow of the College of Psychiatry (FCPsych).

Judith Gordon-Drake - Clinical Social Wo

Judith Gordon-Drake

Consultant Clinical Social Worker

Judith has a Masters Degree in Social Work and currently in the PhD programme at the University of Johannesburg. Her expertise is in individual, couples' and family work in the addiction and substance use treatment space. She is also trained for trauma debriefing & couples' mediation. She is a facilitator on the National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP) to assist with gambling addiction. Judith has lived and professional experience with substance use disorders, and has been trained in many modalities.

Marilyn Davis-Schulman.jpeg

Marilyn Davis-Shulman

Clinical Psychologist

Marilyn Davis-Shulman is a licensed clinical psychologist and trauma and addiction specialist. She runs a full time psychological practice in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has expertise and experience in the field of addiction and has completed extensive post graduate training in trauma-related areas of interest. She regards her deep understanding of traumatic stress as a vital component of working with her patients on their recovery from addictive disorders. Marilyn is available for external consults.


David Collins

Master Recovery Coach

David is the clinic's founder and is a master coach who also works in the area of executive coaching. David's unique blend of lived experience and professional training makes him a powerful coach and facilitator. He works with clients on a group and individual basis and has vast experience in the work we do in the area of substance use and addiction disorders and recovery.

David's personal and professional experiences have been used to support the vision of the clinic in creating an adult space for clients to focus on building meaningful, sustainable recoveries.

David is an integral member of the facilitation and coaching team, integrating the work he has done into developing the systemic model of intervention which is used as one of the foundations of the work we do at the clinic. David is an outstanding coach, facilitator and leader.

Janine R.jpg

Janine Rulkens

Healthcare Psychologist
(GZ Psycholoog)

Janine is a healthcare psychologist who will be doing intakes for the Dutch clients of Vista Health and the Foundation Clinic.

She has experience in child- and youth psychiatry as well as in adult mental healthcare, both in diagnostics as in treatment and has worked a lot with a large diversity of symptoms which often find their roots in traumatic experiences. She is a polyvagal informed therapist and works from an eclectic point of view.

The personal, authentic, warm and compassionate approach of the people from Vista Health and the Foundation Clinic are a very good match with Janine’s way of working.


Paula Perkusic

Dutch Admissions Manager & Aftercare Coordinator 

When inquiring about the treatment or making a contact on Dutch number of the clinic, Paula will be answering the call. She will guide you through the process, listen and answer any questions you might have regarding the program and treatment. 

Paula is a certified professional recovery and business coach, living in The Netherlands. She is supporting clients and their families around the time of the clinic treatment. She will encourage you to assess your internal landscape, with compassion and curiosity that will steer for self-care. With her own lived experience and experience as a recovery coach, conversations with her will welcome you to explore a lifestyle that is sustainable and meaningful to you, your needs and values in a context of your emotional, social and physical resources, where wellness in recovery is central.

Buddhi Lokuge - Addiction Medicine & Pub

Buddhi Lokuge

Addiction Medicine & Public Health Medicine Physician

Buddhi is an addiction medicine specialist doctor and a certified addiction recovery coach. He is an Addiction Medicine and Public Health Medicine Fellow with the Royal Australian College of Physicians, and a certified recovery coach with Ubuntu Addiction Community Trust (UACT) and the International Coaches Register. Buddhi is passionate about supporting those seeking to break free of the use of harmful substances and dysfunctional behaviour.

Buddhi has been collaborating with the clinic's Ubuntu Addiction Community Trust to support community initiatives and training programmes to ensure that people are well educated around the different elements of effective medical protocols in addiction and substance use treatment.

Buddhi is based in New South Wales, Australia, and offers advice, guidance and support as a consultant and collaborator. Buddhi is also actively involved in our coaching initiatives.

eefje jooren.jpg

Eefje Jooren

With over 12 years experience as a social worker and her deep understanding of the dynamics of the trauma and dysfunctional family systems Eefje is remarkable support in the field of addiction care. 

Since she qualified as certified Peer Recovery Specialist and coach she became key partner at preparing clients for their recovery journey and supporting them and their families before, during and after treatment. Her authentic, positive and warm attitude makes her approachable and easy to connect with. 

Social Worker & Recovery Coach

Leigh-Anne Brierley - Nov 2021.jpg

Leigh-Anne Brierley

Master Recovery Coach

Leigh-Anne is the co-creator of the clinic's outpatient and aftercare programme, and is very involved in that area of the treatment programme, facilitating groups and individual sessions. She is a Master Coach & her work is primarily with those who are impacted by substance use and addiction disorders. She combines her lived experience with her training to create an empowering coaching and recovery space. She is committed to the professionalism of coaching as a modality within the treatment and recovery environment.

Rasada Goldblatt.jpeg

Rasada Goldblatt

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Rasada is an experienced practitioner specialising in trauma healing and recovery. His modalities include family constellations, trauma and somatic experiencing, as substance use and addiction disorders are often rooted in unresolved trauma. Rasada facilitates group processes and is available for private consultations. His deep compassion, empathy and ability to support clients where they are, is part of Rasada's incredible gift of healing. He has supported many clients to deep understanding of their trauma, and the ability move into recovery.


Fatima & Mureeda

Clinic & Operations' Managers

Fatima & Mureeda are responsible for the running of the clinic and the well-being of our clients. They are both certified recovery coaches and facilitators, and have extensive experience working with the clients and families through the programmes, and throughout the admission and treatment process. They are residential managers at the clinic and are able to support you and your family in the whole admission and treatment process with any questions and inquiries you might have. They are the programme coordinators and ensure that the daily and weekly programme runs smoothly.


Sister Noma Nkosi

Head of Nursing

Sister Noma is a Registered Nurse with the SANC, and oversees all medical protocols regarding admission and detox in collaboration with the treating doctor, and the nursing team. Noma ensures that clients are receiving their medications, and also supports them emotionally through their detox and treatment process as a kind and compassionate nursing sister. She is professional and understands the complexities of client care. Noma leads her nursing team to ensure that all our clients receive the best medical care possible during their stay.

Pius Motswedi - House Manager.JPG

Pius Motswedi

House & Facilities' Manager

Pius has been working in the substance use treatment and management space for more than 20 years. His compassion, wisdom and unconditional positive regard for the clients is an essential part of his effective house management style and create a calm, well-run residential programme. Pius will probably be your first point of contact, as he will be there to greet you at the airport and ensure that you feel settled and welcome from the moment you arrive. He has also trained as a coach and supports the team in many areas, including operations and maintenance.

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