Residential Recovery Wellness

Following the six week treatment programme in Johannesburg, clients have the opportunity to complete an optional two week programme in Cape Town. The clients will attend a residential recovery wellness programme to continue supporting their recovery process, as well as having the opportunity to explore the area, which has strong cultural and historical ties to The Netherlands. Clients will attend a daily afternoon recovery programme and be supported by a therapeutic team as they spend the time deepening their recovery and creating recovery capital for sustainable wellness. The house will be overseen by a residential manager who will be able to help clients to plan their two week stay in Fish Hoek.


What is included?

As this is an extension of the treatment programme in Johannesburg, the following is included:

  • Daily Recovery Wellness lectures.

  • Online platform for self-study and -reflection.

  • Individual recovery coaching sessions.

  • Individual sessions with a social worker.

  • 12-step Fellowship meetings in the area.

  • Breakfast daily.

  • Cleaning and laundry.

  • Airport transfers.

Following the completion of your programme in Cape Town, aftercare support includes:

  • Seven individual sessions with a coach in the Netherlands.

  • 10 months' access to online outpatient groups.

  • Lifetime access to the online self-study programme.

There is access to medical care in the area with a consultant doctor.

Additional costs

This programme option is available to clients wanting to experience the beauty of the Western Cape, while deepening their recovery in a more independent environment. This additional two-week programme is available at a supplement of 2,000 Euros.


Other activities and extras that are not included, but are available:

  • Return flights to Cape Town.

  • Day trips in the area.

  • Cultural and social events.

  • Meditation and yoga classes.

  • Additional meals.

The house is located in Fish Hoek and there is easy access to beautiful beaches and scenic hikes, nature reserves and places of cultural and historical interest.


Meet The Cape Town Team

Nikki Edwards

Recovery & Life Coach

Nikki is a trauma-informed recovery and life coach, who has lived recovery experience.  She has made it her life’s mission to assist clients to discover their true meaning and purpose, all about helping clients to reconnect, unify and integrate the mind, body and spirit that has been split by substance use and addiction disorders or mental health challenges, facilitating and developing the client’s personal power, through practical coaching tools and techniques which aid and sustain long-term recovery. Nikki’s motto is to Educate, Motivate and Inspire.

pic mar little smile (2).JPG

Marjanne Jongerden

Recovery Coach & Counsellor

Marjanne is a Dutch coach and counsellor living in Cape Town. Her story is long and it wasn’t an easy journey, and includes challenges with substance use, abuse, the loss of children, and other struggles. She started her recovery in South Africa in 2011, and  decided she wanted to help others achieve the same thing. She started studying in the Netherlands  Integrative Coach and Counsellor. She is now certified as a Mindfulness trainer, U-ACT Coach, Peer Recovery Specialist and Recovery Coach.

Marjanne believes that "Everybody can achieve recovery”.

Muhamed Badat.jpeg

Muhamed Badat

Social Worker

Mo is a qualified social worker, registered with South African Council of Social Service Professionals (SCASSP) and Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF). He has been working as a substance use professional for over 20 years, supporting individuals, groups, families and communities in their recovery processes.

Mo will be supporting the clients with ongoing individual therapy in this phase of their extended programme, as they move towards systemic wellness and lived recovery.